• Paint Correction

    Got haze or light swirls in your paint? We can remove these imperfections through our process of paint correction. Depending on the condition of the paint we may require several stages. Through our years of experience can bring your vehicle back to new!

  • Paint Protection

    FEYNLAB® is the world leader in nanotechnology development and manufacturing for automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. Our team of scientists trained at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Oxford University.

  • Maintenance Wash

    All customers that recieve a paint protection package will have their first maintenance wash free! Maintenance washes may include;

    • Snowfoam (pH Neutral)
    • Decontamination; clay bar, iron fallout remover, deep wheel clean.
    • Two bucket method.
    • Interior vaccum and wipedown.

  • Deep Interior Clean

    As part of our interior deep cleaning package we can remove the seats and expose areas of the interior that may be diffcult to clean. By doing this we can spot clean the seats thoroughly. Feynlab textile (Waterproof) coating is then appiled to the fabric to help easier maintenance.

  • Wheel Coating

    Cars that generate a lot of brake dust will benefit from having a wheel coating as it helps easier maintenane when cleaning. We can remove the wheels off the car allowing us to clean the inner barrels and coat them.

  • Wet Sanding

    Some imperfections may be too deep and require an more invasive approach. This process requires at least 4 stages of paint correction. This method can be used to remove deep imperfects, dust nibs, respray imperfections and orange peel.

  • GTR Festival 2023

    Prepping 3 R32 GTR's for GTR Festival - All Recieved Feynlab Ultra 5 Year Ceramic Package.

  • John's R34 GTR at GTR Festival 2023

    Feynlab Ultra 5 Year Ceramic Package + Wheel Coating.

  • Torana 2 Door LC

    Beauitful classic that recieved a bare metal restoration came in for a Feynlab Ultra 5 Year Ceramic Package.

  • Harley-Davidson V-Rod

    Paint correction package with a Feynlab ceramic coating

  • Holden EH Wagon

    A bare metal restoration came in for a Feynlab Ultra 5 Year Ceramic Package.

  • Audi RSQ3

    Brand new from the dealership opted out of their coating and came to use for Feynlab Ultra 5 Year Ceramic Package.

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