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End Game Collection

INNO64 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Z-Tune "ENDGAME COLLECTION"

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INNO64 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Z-Tune "ENDGAME COLLECTION"

Condition: New


What is Included in This Package?

For A Limited Time Only We Are Offering Wheel Coating At No Extra Cost!!!

Wash & Decontamination

  • High pressure rinse applied throughout the exterior of the car including inside door jams.
  • pH Neutral Snowfoam applied to exterior of car including wheels.
  • Iron fallout remover applied to exterior paint surfaces including wheels.
  • Clay Bar application.
  • Deep Clean engine bay.
  • Complimentary Feynlab glass coating applied to windshield.


  • Carpets removed and vacuumed in preparation of textile coating (Waterproof).
  • Center console is wiped down and all upper trim is coated for UV protection.
  • +/- Leather coating.

Paint Correction

  • 1-2 stages of paint correction attended to achieve upto 90% defect removal.

Paint Protection

  • Panel prep attended to all exterior surfaces including headlights, tail lights and piano pillars.
  • Removal of any existing compound residue.
  • Application of Feynlab Ultra V3 5 year Ceramic Coating.
  • 24 hour cure time, no exposure to rain.